Semi-Supervised Confidence Network aided Gated Attention based Recurrent Neural Network for Clickbait Detection

Amrith Rajagopal Setlur

Clickbaits are catchy headlines that are frequently used by social media outlets in order to allure its viewers into clicking them and thus leading them to dubious content. Such venal schemes thrive on exploiting the curiosity of naive social media users, directing traffic to web pages that won't be visited otherwise. In this paper, we propose a novel, semi-supervised classification based approach, that employs attentions sampled from a Gumbel-Softmax distribution to distill contexts that are fairly important in clickbait detection. An additional loss over the attention weights is used to encode prior knowledge. Furthermore, we propose a confidence network that enables learning over weak labels and improves robustness to noisy labels. We show that with merely 30% of strongly labeled samples we can achieve over 97% of the accuracy, of current state of the art methods in clickbait detection.

Knowledge Graph



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