Supply Chain Management analysis: a simulation approach of the Value Chain Operations Reference model (VCOR)

Yacine Ouzrout, Matteo Savino, Abdelaziz Bouras, Carlo Di Domenico

The impact of globalization and worldwide competition has forced firms to modify their strategies towards a real time operation with respect to customer's requirements. This behaviour, together with the communication possibilities offered by the actual Information and Communication Technologies, allows the top management to move towards the concept of extended enterprise in which a collaborative link is established among suppliers, commercial partners and customers. When the information flows involve each actor of the chain, from suppliers to the final distribution centers, the extended enterprise becomes a virtual firm, that can be defined as a set of stand-alone operational units that acts to reconfigure themselves as a value chain in order to adapt to the business opportunities given by the market. The present work is intended to verify through a simulation approach the quantitative advantages that can be obtained by the introduction of the Value Chain concept into the Supply Chain Management (SCM). The paper, after a description of the two most known (SCM) methods - SCOR and VCOR - makes a comparison between them by the customer's point of view. In the second part of the work a simulation model has been developed to verify the advantage that the VCOR is able to obtain, validating it on an industrial case study.

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