Digital Signature Security in Data Communication

Robbi Rahim, Andri Pranolo, Ronal Hadi, Rasyidah, Heri Nurdiyanto, Darmawan Napitupulu, Ansari Saleh Ahmar, Leon Andretti Abdillah, Dahlan Abdullah

Authenticity of access in very information are very important in the current era of Internet-based technology, there are many ways to secure information from irresponsible parties with various security attacks, some of technique can use for defend attack from irresponsible parties are using steganography, cryptography or also use digital signatures. Digital signatures could be one of solution where the authenticity of the message will be verified to prove that the received message is the original message without any change, Ong-Schnorr-Shamir is the algorithm are used in this research and the experiment are perform on the digital signature scheme and the hidden channel scheme.

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