Design of Spectrally Shaped Binary Sequences via Randomized Convex Relaxation

Dian Mo, Marco F. Duarte

Wideband communication receivers often deal with the problems of detecting weak signals from distant sources received together with strong nearby interferers. When the techniques of random modulation are used in communication system receivers, one can design a spectrally shaped sequence that mitigates interferer bands while preserving message bands. Common implementation constraints require sequence quantization, which turns the design problem formulation to an integer optimization problem solved using a semidefinite program on a matrix that is restricted to have rank one. Common approximation schemes for this problem are not amenable due to the distortion to the spectrum caused by the required quantization. We propose a method that leverages a randomized projection and quantization of the solution of a semidefinite program, an approach that has been previously used for related integer programs. We provide a theoretical and numerical analysis on the feasibility and quality of the approximation provided by the proposed approach. Furthermore, numerical simulations show that our proposed approach returns the same sequence as an exhaustive search (when feasible), showcasing its accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, our proposed method succeeds in finding suitable spectrally shaped sequences for cases where exhaustive search is not feasible, achieving better performance than existing alternatives.

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