The Greedy Dirichlet Process Filter - An Online Clustering Multi-Target Tracker

Benjamin Naujoks, Patrick Burger, Hans-Joachim Wuensche

Reliable collision avoidance is one of the main requirements for autonomous driving. Hence, it is important to correctly estimate the states of an unknown number of static and dynamic objects in real-time. Here, data association is a major challenge for every multi-target tracker. We propose a novel multi-target tracker called Greedy Dirichlet Process Filter (GDPF) based on the non-parametric Bayesian model called Dirichlet Processes and the fast posterior computation algorithm Sequential Updating and Greedy Search (SUGS). By adding a temporal dependence we get a real-time capable tracking framework without the need of a previous clustering or data association step. Real-world tests show that GDPF outperforms other multi-target tracker in terms of accuracy and stability.

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