Dynamic Behavior Control of Induction Motor with STATCOM

Majid Dehghani, Peyman Karimyan, Mehradad Abedi, Hadis Karimipour

STATCOMs is used widely in power systems these days. Traditionally, this converter was controlled using a double-loop control or Direct Output Voltage (DOV) controller. But DOV controller do not function properly during a three-phase fault and has a lot of overshoot. Also, the number of PI controllers used in double-loop control is high, which led to complexities when adjusting the coefficients. Therefore, in this paper, an improved DOV method is proposed which, in addition to a reduced number of PI controllers, has a higher speed, lower overshoots and a higher stability in a wider range. By validating the proposed DOV method for controlling the STATCOMs, it has been attempted to improve the dynamical behaviors of induction motor using Matlab/Simulink, and the results indicate a better performance of the proposed method as compared to the other methods.

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