Spatial Logics and Model Checking for Medical Imaging (Extended Version)

Fabrizio Banci Buonamici, Gina Belmonte, Vincenzo Ciancia, Diego Latella, Mieke Massink

Recent research on spatial and spatio-temporal model checking provides novel image analysis methodologies, rooted in logical methods for topological spaces. Medical Imaging (MI) is a field where such methods show potential for ground-breaking innovation. Our starting point is SLCS, the Spatial Logic for Closure Spaces -- Closure Spaces being a generalisation of topological spaces, covering also discrete space structures -- and topochecker, a model-checker for SLCS (and extensions thereof). We introduce the logical language ImgQL ("Image Query Language"). ImgQL extends SLCS with logical operators describing distance and region similarity. The spatio-temporal model checker topochecker is correspondingly enhanced with state-of-the-art algorithms, borrowed from computational image processing, for efficient implementation of distancebased operators, namely distance transforms. Similarity between regions is defined by means of a statistical similarity operator, based on notions from statistical texture analysis. We illustrate our approach by means of two examples of analysis of Magnetic Resonance images: segmentation of glioblastoma and its oedema, and segmentation of rectal carcinoma.

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