Efficient Edge Rewiring Strategies for Enhancement in Network Capacity

Suchi Kumari, Abhishek Saroha, Anurag Singh

The structure of the network has great impact on its traffic dynamics. Most of the real world networks follow the heterogeneous structure and exhibit scale-free feature. In scale-free network, a new node prefers to connect with hub nodes and the network capacity is curtailed by smaller degree nodes. Therefore, we propose rewiring a fraction of links in the network, to improve the network transport efficiency. In this paper, we discuss some efficient link rewiring strategies and perform simulations on scale-free networks, confirming the effectiveness of these strategies. The rewiring strategies actually reduce the centrality of the nodes having higher betweenness centrality. After the link rewiring process, the degree distribution of the network remains the same. This work will be beneficial for the enhancement of network performance.

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