Temporal viability regulation for control affine systems with applications to mobile vehicle coordination under time-varying motion constraints

Marcus Greiff, Zhiyong Sun, Anders Robertsson, Rolf Johansson

Controlled invariant set and viability regulation of dynamical control systems have played important roles in many control and coordination applications. In this paper we develop a temporal viability regulation theory for general dynamical control systems, and in particular for control affine systems. The time-varying viable set is parameterized by time-varying constraint functions, with the aim to regulate a dynamical control system to be invariant in the time-varying viable set so that temporal state-dependent constraints are enforced. We consider both time-varying equality and inequality constraints in defining a temporal viable set. We also present sufficient conditions for the existence of feasible control input for the control affine systems. The developed temporal viability regulation theory is applied to mobile vehicle coordination.

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