Traceability as an integral part of supply chain logistics management: an analytical review

Dharmendra Kumar Mishra, Sébastien Henry, Aicha Sekhari, Yacine Ouzrout

Purpose: Supply chain has become very complex today. There are multiple stakeholders at various points. All these stakeholders need to collaborate with each other in multiple directions for its effective and efficient management. The manufacturers need proper information and data about the product location, its processing history, raw materials, etc at each point so as to control the production process. Companies need to develop global and effective strategies to sustain in the competitive market. Logistics helps companies to implement the effectiveness across the business supply chain from source to destination to achieve their strategic goals. Traceability has become one of the integrated parts of the supply chain logistics management that track and trace the product's information in upstream and downstream at each point. All the stakeholders in the supply chain have different objectives to implement the traceability solution that depends on their role (e.g. manufacturers, distributers or wholesalers have their own role). The information generated and needed from all these actors are also different and are to be shared among all to run the supply chain smoothly. But the stakeholders don't want to share all the information with other stake holders which is a major challenge to be addressed in current traceability solutions. The purpose of this research is to conduct thorough study of the literatures available on the traceability solutions, finding the gaps and recommending our views to enhance the collaborations among the stakeholders in every point of the business supply chain. The study will be helpful for further researchers to propose a traceability meta-model to address the gaps. Design/methodology/approach: The relevant literatures with keywords supply chain management, traceability, logistics management are searched from the trusted database. The scope and the objectives of the research is set based on which the papers are filtered as per the titles and abstract. Proper analyses of the screened papers are done and the recommendations are given. Findings: Traceability solution is popular among the industries since a long for their supply chain management. After proper analysis of the available literatures about the traceability solution the industries use, this research will identify the gaps based on which we give the proper recommendations and perspectives of our work.

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