Importance of the window function choice for the predictive modelling of memristors

V. A. Slipko, Y. V. Pershin

Window functions are widely employed in memristor models to restrict the changes of the internal state variables to specified intervals. Here we show that the actual choice of window function is of significant importance for the predictive modelling of memristors. Using a recently formulated theory of memristor attractors, we demonstrate that whether stable fixed points exist depends on the type of window function used in the model. Our main findings are formulated in terms of two memristor attractor theorems, which apply to broad classes of memristor models. As an example of our findings, we predict the existence of stable fixed points in Biolek window function memristors and their absence in memristors described by the Joglekar window function, when such memristors are driven by periodic alternating polarity pulses. It is anticipated that the results of this study will contribute toward the development of more sophisticated models of memristive devices and systems.

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