Limitations of Source-Filter Coupling In Phonation

Debasish Ray Mohapatra, Sidney Fels

The coupling of vocal fold (source) and vocal tract (filter) is one of the most critical factors in source-filter articulation theory. The traditional linear source-filter theory has been challenged by current research which clearly shows the impact of acoustic loading on the dynamic behavior of the vocal fold vibration as well as the variations in the glottal flow pulses shape. This paper outlines the underlying mechanism of source-filter interactions; demonstrates the design and working principles of coupling for the various existing vocal cord and vocal tract biomechanical models. For our study, we have considered self-oscillating lumped-element models of the acoustic source and computational models of the vocal tract as articulators. To understand the limitations of source-filter interactions which are associated with each of those models, we compare them concerning their mechanical design, acoustic and physiological characteristics and aerodynamic simulation.

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