FotonNet: A HW-Efficient Object Detection System Using 3D-Depth Segmentation and 2D-DNN Classifier

Gurjeet Singh, Sun Miao, Shi Shi, Patrick Chiang

Object detection and classification is one of the most important computer vision problems. Ever since the introduction of deep learning \cite{krizhevsky2012imagenet}, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the accuracy of this object detection problem. However, most of these improvements have occurred using conventional 2D image processing. Recently, low-cost 3D-image sensors, such as the Microsoft Kinect (Time-of-Flight) or the Apple FaceID (Structured-Light), can provide 3D-depth or point cloud data that can be added to a convolutional neural network, acting as an extra set of dimensions. In our proposed approach, we introduce a new 2D + 3D system that takes the 3D-data to determine the object region followed by any conventional 2D-DNN, such as AlexNet. In this method, our approach can easily dissociate the information collection from the Point Cloud and 2D-Image data and combine both operations later. Hence, our system can use any existing trained 2D network on a large image dataset, and does not require a large 3D-depth dataset for new training. Experimental object detection results across 30 images show an accuracy of 0.67, versus 0.54 and 0.51 for RCNN and YOLO, respectively.

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