VoCoG: An Intelligent, Non-Intrusive Assistant for Voice-based Collaborative Group-Viewing

Sumit Shekhar, Aditya Siddhant, Anindya Shankar Bhandari, Nishant Yadav

There have been significant innovations in media technologies in the recent years. While these developments have improved experiences for individual users, design of multi-user interfaces still remains a challenge. A relatively unexplored area in this context, is enabling multiple users to enjoy shared viewing (e.g. deciding on movies to watch together). In particular, the challenge is to design an intelligent system which would enable viewers to explore together shows or movies they like, seamlessly. This is a complex design problem, as it requires the system to (i) assess affinities of individual users (movies or genres), (ii) combine individual preferences taking into account user-user interactions, and (iii) be non-intrusive simultaneously. The proposed system VoCoG, is an end-to-end intelligent system for collaborative viewing. VoCoG incorporates an online recommendation algorithm, efficient methods for analyzing natural conversation and a graph-based method to fuse preferences of multiple users. It takes user conversation as input, making it non-intrusive. A usability survey of the system indicates that the system provides a good experience to the users as well as relevant recommendations. Further analysis of the usage data reveals insights about the nature of conversation during the interaction sessions, final consensus among the users as well as ratings of varied user groups.

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