Analysis of DNN Speech Signal Enhancement for Robust Speaker Recognition

Ondrej Novotny, Oldrich Plchot, Ondrej Glembek, Jan "Honza" Cernocky, Lukas Burget

In this work, we present an analysis of a DNN-based autoencoder for speech enhancement, dereverberation and denoising. The target application is a robust speaker verification (SV) system. We start our approach by carefully designing a data augmentation process to cover wide range of acoustic conditions and obtain rich training data for various components of our SV system. We augment several well-known databases used in SV with artificially noised and reverberated data and we use them to train a denoising autoencoder (mapping noisy and reverberated speech to its clean version) as well as an x-vector extractor which is currently considered as state-of-the-art in SV. Later, we use the autoencoder as a preprocessing step for text-independent SV system. We compare results achieved with autoencoder enhancement, multi-condition PLDA training and their simultaneous use. We present a detailed analysis with various conditions of NIST SRE 2010, 2016, PRISM and with re-transmitted data. We conclude that the proposed preprocessing can significantly improve both i-vector and x-vector baselines and that this technique can be used to build a robust SV system for various target domains.

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