Towards ontology based BPMN Implementation

Sophea Chhun, Néjib Moalla, Yacine Ouzrout

Natural language is understandable by human and not machine. None technical persons can only use natural language to specify their business requirements. However, the current version of Business process management and notation (BPMN) tools do not allow business analysts to implement their business processes without having technical skills. BPMN tool is a tool that allows users to design and implement the business processes by connecting different business tasks and rules together. The tools do not provide automatic implementation of business tasks from users' specifications in natural language (NL). Therefore, this research aims to propose a framework to automatically implement the business processes that are expressed in NL requirements. Ontology is used as a mechanism to solve this problem by comparing between users' requirements and web services' descriptions. Web service is a software module that performs a specific task and ontology is a concept that defines the relationships between different terms.

Knowledge Graph



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