Sensorless Control of the Levitated Ball

Alexey Bobtsov, Anton Pyrkin, Romeo Ortega, Alexey Vedyakov

One of the most widely studied dynamical systems in nonlinear control theory is the levitated ball. Several full-state feedback controllers that ensure asymptotic regulation of the ball position have been reported in the literature. However, to the best of our knowledge, the design of a stabilizing law measuring only the current and the voltage - so-called sensorless control - is conspicuous by its absence. Besides its unquestionable theoretical interest, the high cost and poor reliability of position sensors for magnetic levitated systems, makes the problem of great practical application. Our main contribution is to provide the fist solution to this problem. Instrumental for the development of the theory is the use of parameter estimation-based observers, which combined with the dynamic regressor extension and mixing parameter estimation technique, allow the reconstruction of the magnetic flux. With the knowledge of the latter it is shown that the mechanical coordinates can be estimated with suitably tailored nonlinear observers. Replacing the observed states, in a certainty equivalent manner, with a full information asymptotically stabilising law completes the sensorless controller design. Simulation results are used to illustrate the performance of the proposed scheme.

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