Toward SATVAM: An IoT Network for Air Quality Monitoring

Rashmi Ballamajalu, Srijith Nair, Shayal Chhabra, Sumit K Monga, Anand SVR, Malati Hegde, Yogesh Simmhan, Anamika Sharma, Chandan M Choudhary, Ronak Sutaria, Rajesh Zele, Sachchida N. Tripathi

Air pollution is ranked as the second most serious risk for public health in India after malnutrition. The lack of spatially and temporally distributed air quality information prevents a scientific study on its impact on human health and on the national economy. In this paper, we present our initial efforts toward SATVAM, Streaming Analytics over Temporal Variables for Air quality Monitoring, that aims to address this gap. We introduce the multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional project and some of the key IoT technologies used. These cut across hardware integration of gas sensors with a wireless mote packaging, design of the wireless sensor network using 6LoWPAN and RPL, and integration with a cloud backend for data acquisition and analysis. The outcome of our initial deployment will inform an improved design that will enable affordable and manageable monitoring at the city scale. This should lead to data-driven policies for urban air quality management.

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