Secure Data Access for Wireless Body Sensor Networks

Zhitao Guan, Tingting Yang, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

Recently, with the support of mobile cloud computing, a large number of health related data collected from various body sensor networks can be managed efficiently. However, to ensure data security and data privacy in cloud-integrated body sensor networks is an important and challenging issue. In this paper, we present a novel secure access control mechanism Mask Certificate Attribute Based Encryption for cloud integrated body sensor networks. A specific signature is designed to mask the plaintext, then the masked data can be securely outsourced to cloud severs. An authorization certificate composing of the signature and related privilege items is constructed that is used to grant privileges to data receivers. To ensure security, a unique value is chosen to mask the certificate for each data receiver. The analysis shows that the proposed scheme has less computational cost and storage cost compared with other popular models.

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