A Low-latency Secure Data Outsourcing Scheme for Cloud-WSN

Jing Li, Zhitao Guan, Xiaojiang Du, Zijian Zhang, Zhenyu Zhou

With the support of cloud computing, large quantities of data collected from various WSN applications can be managed efficiently. However, maintaining data security and efficiency of data processing in cloud-WSN (C-WSN) are important and challenging issues. In this paper, we present an efficient data outsourcing scheme based on CP-ABE, which can not only guarantee secure data access, but also reduce overall data processing time. In our proposed scheme, a large file is divided into several data blocks by data owner (DO) firstly. Then, the data blocks are encrypted and transferred to the cloud server in parallel. For data receiver (DR), data decryption and data transmission is also processed in parallel. In addition, data integrity can be checked by DR without any master key components. The security analysis shows that the proposed scheme can meet the security requirement of C-WSN. By performance evaluation, it shows that our scheme can dramatically improve data processing efficiency compared to the traditional CP-ABE method.

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