Study of Multi-Step Knowledge-Aided Iterative Nested MUSIC for Direction Finding

S. Pinto, R. C. de Lamare

In this work, we propose a subspace-based algorithm for direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation applied to the signals impinging on a two-level nested array, referred to as multi-step knowledge-aided iterative nested MUSIC method (MS-KAI-Nested-MUSIC), which significantly improves the accuracy of the original Nested-MUSIC. Differently from existing knowledge-aided methods applied to uniform linear arrays (ULAs), which make use of available known DOAs to improve the estimation of the covariance matrix of the input data, the proposed Multi-Step KAI-Nested-MU employs knowledge of the structure of the augmented sample covariance matrix, which is obtained by exploiting the difference co-array structure covariance matrix, and its perturbation terms and the gradual incorporation of prior knowledge, which is obtained on line. The effectiveness of the proposed technique can be noticed by simulations focusing on uncorrelated closely-spaced sources.

Knowledge Graph



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