A Gray Box Interpretable Visual Debugging Approach for Deep Sequence Learning Model

Md Mofijul Islam, Amar Debnath, Tahsin Al Sayeed, Jyotirmay Nag Setu, Md Mahmudur Rahman, Md Sadman Sakib, Md Abdur Razzaque, Md. Mosaddek Khan, Swakkhar Shatabda

Deep Learning algorithms are often used as black box type learning and they are too complex to understand. The widespread usability of Deep Learning algorithms to solve various machine learning problems demands deep and transparent understanding of the internal representation as well as decision making. Moreover, the learning models, trained on sequential data, such as audio and video data, have intricate internal reasoning process due to their complex distribution of features. Thus, a visual simulator might be helpful to trace the internal decision making mechanisms in response to adversarial input data, and it would help to debug and design appropriate deep learning models. However, interpreting the internal reasoning of deep learning model is not well studied in the literature. In this work, we have developed a visual interactive web application, namely d-DeVIS, which helps to visualize the internal reasoning of the learning model which is trained on the audio data. The proposed system allows to perceive the behavior as well as to debug the model by interactively generating adversarial audio data point. The web application of d-DeVIS is available at ddevis.herokuapp.com.

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