A Proposal-Based Solution to Spatio-Temporal Action Detection in Untrimmed Videos

Joshua Gleason, Rajeev Ranjan, Steven Schwarcz, Carlos D. Castillo, Jun-Chen Cheng, Rama Chellappa

Existing approaches for spatio-temporal action detection in videos are limited by the spatial extent and temporal duration of the actions. In this paper, we present a modular system for spatio-temporal action detection in untrimmed security videos. We propose a two stage approach. The first stage generates dense spatio-temporal proposals using hierarchical clustering and temporal jittering techniques on frame-wise object detections. The second stage is a Temporal Refinement I3D (TRI-3D) network that performs action classification and temporal refinement on the generated proposals. The object detection-based proposal generation step helps in detecting actions occurring in a small spatial region of a video frame, while temporal jittering and refinement helps in detecting actions of variable lengths. Experimental results on the spatio-temporal action detection dataset - DIVA - show the effectiveness of our system. For comparison, the performance of our system is also evaluated on the THUMOS14 temporal action detection dataset.

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