Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network Equilibrium Models and Pricing Schemes

Ahmadreza Moradipari, Mahnoosh Alizadeh

In this paper, we develop and apply a framework to characterize network equilibrium traffic and charge patterns in an electric transportation network, mainly focused on the effect of heterogeneities in charging prices across different charging stations. Furthermore, we design optimal charging station prices that can jointly manage societal congestion and electricity costs. Our framework explores the effect of cost-minimizing users preferring different charging stations based on their charge amount and the charging stations' energy prices, and how this endogenous energy vs. route choice connection defines the threshold-based structure of flows at Wardrop equilibria. We discuss the uniqueness properties of the equilibria and showcase how first-best marginal cost-based pricing can enforce the socially optimal travel and charge behavior in the network, but only under certain charging station congestion models.

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