Jiajun Xu, Sam Huang

Tetris is an Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm designed for next generation high-throughput permission and permissionless blockchain. The core concept of Tetris is derived from Reasoning About Knowledge, which we believe to be the most appropriate tools for revealing and analyzing the fundamental complexity of distributed systems. By analyzing the states of knowledge that each participant attained in an unreliable system, we can capture some of the basis underlying structure of the system, then help us designing effective & efficient protocols. Plus the adoption of Full Information Protocol (FIP) with the optimized message traffic model, Tetris has finally got high performance, with proved safety. Tetris achieve consensus finality in seconds, means transactions can be confirmed greatly faster than other scheme like Pow/Dpos. Tetris also achieve fairness, which is critically important in some areas such as stock market etc.

Knowledge Graph



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