Mask R-CNN with Pyramid Attention Network for Scene Text Detection

Zhida Huang, Zhuoyao Zhong, Lei Sun, Qiang Huo

In this paper, we present a new Mask R-CNN based text detection approach which can robustly detect multi-oriented and curved text from natural scene images in a unified manner. To enhance the feature representation ability of Mask R-CNN for text detection tasks, we propose to use the Pyramid Attention Network (PAN) as a new backbone network of Mask R-CNN. Experiments demonstrate that PAN can suppress false alarms caused by text-like backgrounds more effectively. Our proposed approach has achieved superior performance on both multi-oriented (ICDAR-2015, ICDAR-2017 MLT) and curved (SCUT-CTW1500) text detection benchmark tasks by only using single-scale and single-model testing.

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