Impedance-Based Stability Analysis for Interconnected Converter Systems with Open-Loop RHP Poles

Yicheng Liao, Xiongfei Wang

Small-signal instability issues of interconnected converter systems can be addressed by the impedance-based stability analysis method, where the impedance ratio at the point of common connection of different subsystems can be regarded as the open-loop gain, and thus the stability of the system can be predicted by the Nyquist stability criterion. However, the right-half plan (RHP) poles may be present in the impedance ratio, which then prevents the direct use of Nyquist curves for defining stability margins or forbidden regions. To tackle this challenge, this paper proposes a general rule of impedance-based stability analysis with the aid of Bode plots. The method serves as a sufficient and necessary stability condition, and it can be readily used to formulate the impedance specifications graphically for various interconnected converter systems. Experimental case studies validate the correctness of the proposed method.

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