Predicting Diabetes Disease Evolution Using Financial Records and Recurrent Neural Networks

Rafael T. Sousa, Lucas A. Pereira, Anderson S. Soares

Managing patients with chronic diseases is a major and growing healthcare challenge in several countries. A chronic condition, such as diabetes, is an illness that lasts a long time and does not go away, and often leads to the patient's health gradually getting worse. While recent works involve raw electronic health record (EHR) from hospitals, this work uses only financial records from health plan providers to predict diabetes disease evolution with a self-attentive recurrent neural network. The use of financial data is due to the possibility of being an interface to international standards, as the records standard encodes medical procedures. The main goal was to assess high risk diabetics, so we predict records related to diabetes acute complications such as amputations and debridements, revascularization and hemodialysis. Our work succeeds to anticipate complications between 60 to 240 days with an area under ROC curve ranging from 0.81 to 0.94. In this paper we describe the first half of a work-in-progress developed within a health plan provider with ROC curve ranging from 0.81 to 0.83. This assessment will give healthcare providers the chance to intervene earlier and head off hospitalizations. We are aiming to deliver personalized predictions and personalized recommendations to individual patients, with the goal of improving outcomes and reducing costs

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