A Survey on Synchrophasor Data Quality and Cybersecurity Challenges, and Evaluation of their Interdependencies

Aditya Sundararajan, Tanwir Khan, Amir Moghadasi, Arif I. Sarwat

Synchrophasor devices guarantee situation awareness for real-time monitoring and operational visibility of the smart grid. With their widespread implementation, significant challenges have emerged, especially in communication, data quality and cybersecurity. The existing literature treats these challenges as separate problems, when in reality, they have a complex interplay. This paper conducts a comprehensive review of quality and cybersecurity challenges for synchrophasors, and identifies the interdependencies between them. It also summarizes different methods used to evaluate the dependency and surveys how quality checking methods can be used to detect potential cyber-attacks. In doing so, this paper serves as a starting point for researchers entering the fields of synchrophasor data analytics and security.

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