Towards Realizing the Smart Product Traceability System

Dharmendra Kumar Mishra, Aicha Sekhari, Sébastien Henry, Dharmendra Mishra, Yacine Ouzrout, Ajay Shrestha, Abdelaziz Bouras

The rapid technological enhancement and innovations in current days have changed people's thought. The use of Information Technology tools in people's daily life has changed their life style completely. The advent of various innovative smart products in the market has tremendous impact on people's lifestyle. They want to know their heart beat while they run, they need a smart car which makes them alert when they become sleepy while driving, and they need an IT tool which can make their home safer when they are out. These quests of people to the very extent have been fulfilled by development of many Meta products like wearables, smart phones, smart car etc. The concept of Meta product is based on the fact that they need to offer intelligent services to the users. In present day's Meta products market, the manufacturers have their own cloud based platform which is used by the products for which it is developed. The other products cannot use the common platform. In this paper, we propose a common cloud based platform that will be used by any Meta product's user to get different services.

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