Data Driven Linearized AC Power Flow Model with Regression Analysis

Xingpeng Li, Kory Hedman

Full AC power flow model is an accurate mathematical model for representing the physical power systems. In practice, however, the utilization of this model is limited due to the computational complexity associated with its nonlinear and nonconvexity characteristics. An alternative linearized DC power flow model is widely used in the power system operation and planning tools. However, when reactive power and voltage magnitude are of concern, DC power flow model will be useless. Therefore, a linearized AC (LAC) power flow model is needed to address this issue. This paper first introduces a regular LAC model. Subsequently, with the advance in regression analysis technique, a data driven linearized AC (DLAC) model is proposed to improve the regular LAC model. Numerical simulations conducted on the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) system demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of the proposed DLAC model.

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