Loop Closure Detection with RGB-D Feature Pyramid Siamese Networks

Zhang Qianhao, Alexander Mai, Joseph Menke, Allen Yang

In visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM), detecting loop closures has been an important but difficult task. Currently, most solutions are based on the bag-of-words approach. Yet the possibility of deep neural network application to this task has not been fully explored due to the lack of appropriate architecture design and of sufficient training data. In this paper we demonstrate the applicability of deep neural networks by addressing both issues. Specifically we show that a feature pyramid Siamese neural network can achieve state-of-the-art performance on pairwise loop closure detection. The network is trained and tested on large-scale RGB-D datasets with a novel automatic loop closure labeling algorithm. Each image pair is labelled by how much the images overlap, allowing loop closure to be computed directly rather than by labor intensive manual labeling. We present an algorithm to adopt any large-scale generic RGB-D dataset for use in training deep loop-closure networks. We show for the first time that deep neural networks are capable of detecting loop closures, and we provide a method for generating large-scale datasets for use in evaluating and training loop closure detectors.

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