Multi-view Point Cloud Registration with Adaptive Convergence Threshold and its Application on 3D Model Retrieval

Yaochen Li, Ying Liu, Rui Sun, Rui Guo, Li Zhu, Yong Qi

Multi-view point cloud registration is a hot topic in the communities of multimedia technology and artificial intelligence (AI). In this paper, we propose a framework to reconstruct the 3D models by the multi-view point cloud registration algorithm with adaptive convergence threshold, and subsequently apply it to 3D model retrieval. The iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm is implemented combining with the motion average algorithm for the registration of multi-view point clouds. After the registration process, we design applications for 3D model retrieval. The geometric saliency map is computed based on the vertex curvature. The test facial triangle is then generated based on the saliency map, which is applied to compare with the standard facial triangle. The face and non-face models are then discriminated. The experiments and comparisons prove the effectiveness of the proposed framework.

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