Real-Time Sleep Staging using Deep Learning on a Smartphone for a Wearable EEG

Abhay Koushik, Judith Amores, Pattie Maes

We present the first real-time sleep staging system that uses deep learning without the need for servers in a smartphone application for a wearable EEG. We employ real-time adaptation of a single channel Electroencephalography (EEG) to infer from a Time-Distributed 1-D Deep Convolutional Neural Network. Polysomnography (PSG)-the gold standard for sleep staging, requires a human scorer and is both complex and resource-intensive. Our work demonstrates an end-to-end on-smartphone pipeline that can infer sleep stages in just single 30-second epochs, with an overall accuracy of 83.5% on 20-fold cross validation for five-class classification of sleep stages using the open Sleep-EDF dataset.

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