Multilevel active registration for kinect human body scans: from low quality to high quality

Zongyi Xu, Qianni Zhang, Shiyang Cheng

Registration of 3D human body has been a challenging research topic for over decades. Most of the traditional human body registration methods require manual assistance, or other auxiliary information such as texture and markers. The majority of these methods are tailored for high-quality scans from expensive scanners. Following the introduction of the low-quality scans from cost-effective devices such as Kinect, the 3D data capturing of human body becomes more convenient and easier. However, due to the inevitable holes, noises and outliers in the low-quality scan, the registration of human body becomes even more challenging. To address this problem, we propose a fully automatic active registration method which deforms a high-resolution template mesh to match the low-quality human body scans. Our registration method operates on two levels of statistical shape models: (1) the first level is a holistic body shape model that defines the basic figure of human; (2) the second level includes a set of shape models for every body part, aiming at capturing more body details. Our fitting procedure follows a coarse-to-fine approach that is robust and efficient. Experiments show that our method is comparable with the state-of-the-art methods.

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