EVM analysis of an Interference Limited SIMO-SC System With Independent and Correlated Channels

Sudharsan Parthasarathy, Suman Kumar, Sheetal Kalyani

In this paper, we derive the error vector magnitude (EVM) in a selection combining (SC) system experiencing co-channel interference, for arbitrary number of antennas and interferers when all the channels experience Rayleigh fading. We use a novel approach that uses the CCDF of SIR to derive EVM as using the conventional approach to derive EVM for a SC system is difficult. Considering two selection rules based on (a) maximum signal power (b) maximum signal to interference ratio, we observe that EVM is worse when maximum signal power based rule is used. Further, EVM is also derived considering (a) all the channels to be independent and (b) channels to be correlated due to insufficient antenna spacing at receiver. For some special cases, EVM is also derived when the desired channels experience Nakagami-m fading.

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