An Isoperimetric Result on High-Dimensional Spheres

Leighton Pate Barnes, Ayfer Ozgur, Xiugang Wu

We consider an extremal problem for subsets of high-dimensional spheres that can be thought of as an extension of the classical isoperimetric problem on the sphere. Let $A$ be a subset of the $(m-1)$-dimensional sphere $\mathbb{S}^{m-1}$, and let $\mathbf{y}\in \mathbb{S}^{m-1}$ be a randomly chosen point on the sphere. What is the measure of the intersection of the $t$-neighborhood of the point $\mathbf{y}$ with the subset $A$? We show that with high probability this intersection is approximately as large as the intersection that would occur with high probability if $A$ were a spherical cap of the same measure.

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