A Survey of Collection Methods and Cross-Data Set Comparison of Android Unlock Patterns

Adam J. Aviv, Markus Duermuth

Android's graphical password unlock remains one of the most widely used schemes for phone unlock authentication, and it is has been studied extensively in the last decade since its launch. We have learned that users' choice of patterns mimics the poor password choices in other systems, such as PIN or text-based passwords. A wide variety of analysis and data collections methods was used to reach these conclusions, but what is missing from the literature is a systemized comparison of the related work in this space that compares both the methodology and the results. In this paper, we take a detailed accounting of the different methods applied to data collection and analysis for Android unlock patterns. We do so in two dimensions. First we systemize prior work into a detailed taxonomy of collection methods, and in the second dimension, we perform a detailed analysis of 9 different data sets collected using different methods. While this study focuses singularly on the collection methods and comparisons of the Android pattern unlock scheme, we believe that many of the findings generalize to other graphical password schemes, unlock authentication technology, and other knowledge-based authentication schemes.

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