Grammar-based Representation and Identification of Dynamical Systems

Dhruv Khandelwal, Maarten Schoukens, Roland Tóth

In this paper we propose a novel approach to identify dynamical systems. The method estimates the model structure and the parameters of the model simultaneously, automating the critical decisions involved in identification such as model structure and complexity selection. In order to solve the combined model structure and model parameter estimation problem, a new representation of dynamical systems is proposed. The proposed representation is based on Tree Adjoining Grammar, a formalism that was developed from linguistic considerations. Using the proposed representation, the identification problem can be interpreted as a multi-objective optimization problem and we propose a Evolutionary Algorithm-based approach to solve the problem. A benchmark example is used to demonstrate the proposed approach. The results were found to be comparable to that obtained by state-of-the-art non-linear system identification methods, without making use of knowledge of the system description.

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