Quantum Shockwave Communication

Aida Ahmadzadegan, Eduardo Martin-Martinez, Achim Kempf

We present a scheme to produce shockwaves in quantum fields by means of pretimed emitters. We find that by suitably pre-entangeling the emitters, the shockwave's energy density can be locally modulated and amplified. When the large amplitudes in such a shockwave are used for communication, the channel capacity depends not only on the signal-to-noise ratio but also on the effect that the entanglement of the emitters has on the correlations in the signal and in the quantum noise at the receiver. As a consequence, by choosing the entanglement of the emitters, the flow of information in the shockwave can be modulated and spatially shaped to some extent independently of the flow of energy. We also find that there exists a finite optimal strength of the coupling between the receiver and the quantum field which optimizes the channel capacity by optimizing the tradeoff between sensitivity to the signal and sensitivity to the coupling-induced quantum noise.

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