Noise-tolerant Audio-visual Online Person Verification using an Attention-based Neural Network Fusion

Suwon Shon, Tae-Hyun Oh, James Glass

In this paper, we present a multi-modal online person verification system using both speech and visual signals. Inspired by neuroscientific findings on the association of voice and face, we propose an attention-based end-to-end neural network that learns multi-sensory associations for the task of person verification. The attention mechanism in our proposed network learns to conditionally select a salient modality between speech and facial representations that provides a balance between complementary inputs. By virtue of this capability, the network is robust to missing or corrupted data from either modality. In the VoxCeleb2 dataset, we show that our method performs favorably against competing multi-modal methods. Even for extreme cases of large corruption or an entirely missing modality, our method demonstrates robustness over other unimodal methods.

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