AstroServ: Distributed Database for Serving Large-Scale Full Life-Cycle Astronomical Data

Chen Yang, Xiaofeng Meng, Zhihui Du, JiaMing Qiu, Kenan Liang, Yongjie Du, Zhiqiang Duan, Xiaobin Ma, Zhijian Fang

In time-domain astronomy, STLF (Short-Timescale and Large Field-of-view) sky survey is the latest way of sky observation. Compared to traditional sky survey who can only find astronomical phenomena, STLF sky survey can even reveal how short astronomical phenomena evolve. The difference does not only lead the new survey data but also the new analysis style. It requires that database behind STLF sky survey should support continuous analysis on data streaming, real-time analysis on short-term data and complex analysis on long-term historical data. In addition, both insertion and query latencies have strict requirements to ensure that scientific phenomena can be discovered. However, the existing databases cannot support our scenario. In this paper, we propose AstroServ, a distributed system for analysis and management of large-scale and full life-cycle astronomical data. AstroServ's core components include three data service layers and a query engine. Each data service layer serves for a specific time period of data and query engine can provide the uniform analysis interface on different data. In addition, we also provide many applications including interactive analysis interface and data mining tool to help scientists efficiently use data. The experimental results show that AstroServ can meet the strict performance requirements and the good recognition accuracy.

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