Sapiens Chain: A Blockchain-based Cybersecurity Framework

Yu Han, Zhongru Wang, Qiang Ruan, Binxing Fang

Recently, cybersecurity becomes more and more important due to the rapid development of Internet. However, existing methods are in reality highly sensitive to attacks and are far more vulnerable than expected, as they are lack of trustable measures. In this paper, to address the aforementioned problems, we propose a blockchain-based cybersecurity framework, termed as Sapiens Chain, which can protect the privacy of the anonymous users and ensure that the transactions are immutable by providing decentralized and trustable services. Integrating semantic analysis, symbolic execution, and routing learning methods into intelligent auditing, this framework can achieve good accuracy for detecting hidden vulnerabilities. In addition, a revenue incentive mechanism, which aims to donate participants, is built. The practical results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework.

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