Some convergence and optimality results of adaptive mixed methods in finite element exterior calculus

Yuwen Li

In this paper, we present several new a posteriori error estimators and two adaptive mixed finite element methods \textsf{AMFEM1} and \textsf{AMFEM2} for the Hodge Laplacian problem in finite element exterior calculus. We prove that \textsf{AMFEM1} and \textsf{AMFEM2} are both convergent starting from any initial coarse mesh. A suitably defined quasi error is crucial to the convergence analysis. In addition, we prove the optimality of \textsf{AMFEM2}. The main technical contribution is a localized discrete upper bound. As opposed to existing literature, our results work on Lipschitz domains with nontrivial cohomology and provide the first norm convergence and optimality results.

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