Asynchronous Local Construction of Bounded-Degree Network Topologies Using Only Neighborhood Information

Erdem Koyuncu, Hamid Jafarkhani

We consider ad-hoc networks consisting of $n$ wireless nodes that are located on the plane. Any two given nodes are called neighbors if they are located within a certain distance (communication range) from one another. A given node can be directly connected to any one of its neighbors and picks its connections according to a unique topology control algorithm that is available at every node. Given that each node knows only the indices (unique identification numbers) of its one- and two-hop neighbors, we identify an algorithm that preserves connectivity and can operate without the need of any synchronization among nodes. Moreover, the algorithm results in a sparse graph with at most $5n$ edges and a maximum node degree of $10$. Existing algorithms with the same promises further require neighbor distance and/or direction information at each node. We also evaluate the performance of our algorithm for random networks. In this case, our algorithm provides an asymptotically connected network with $n(1+o(1))$ edges with a degree less than or equal to $6$ for $1-o(1)$ fraction of the nodes. We also introduce another asynchronous connectivity-preserving algorithm that can provide an upper bound as well as a lower bound on node degrees.

Knowledge Graph



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