Energy Optimization of Automatic Hybrid Sailboat

Ziran Zhang, Zixuan Yao, Qinbo Sun, Huihuan Qian

Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) provide an effective way to actualize applications such as environment monitoring, search and rescue, and scientific researches. However, the conventional ASVs depends overly on the stored energy. Hybrid Sailboat, mainly powered by the wind, can solve this problem by using an auxiliary propulsion system. The electric energy cost of Hybrid Sailboat needs to be optimized to achieve the ocean automatic cruise mission. Based on adjusted setting on sails and rudders, this paper seeks the optimal trajectory for autonomic cruising to reduce the energy cost by changing the heading angle of sailing upwind. The experiment results validate the heading angle accounts for energy cost and the trajectory with the best heading angle saves up to 23.7% than other conditions. Furthermore, the energy-time line can be used to predict the energy cost for long-time sailing.

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