Real-time Closed Loop Neural Decoding on a Neuromorphic Chip

Shoeb Shaikh, Rosa So, Tafadzwa Sibindi, Camilo Libedinsky, Arindam Basu

This paper presents for the first time a real-time closed loop neuromorphic decoder chip-driven intra-cortical brain machine interface (iBMI) in a non-human primate (NHP) based experimental setup. Decoded results show trial success rates and mean times to target comparable to those obtained by hand-controlled joystick. Neural control trial success rates of approximately 96% of those obtained by hand-controlled joystick have been demonstrated. Also, neural control has shown mean target reach speeds of approximately 85% of those obtained by hand-controlled joystick . These results pave the way for fast and accurate, fully implantable neuromorphic neural decoders in iBMIs.

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