Opportunistic Relay Selection with Limited Feedback

Caleb K. Lo, Robert W. Heath, , Sriram Vishwanath

It has been shown that a decentralized relay selection protocol based on opportunistic feedback from the relays yields good throughput performance in dense wireless networks. This selection strategy supports a hybrid-ARQ transmission approach where relays forward parity information to the destination in the event of a decoding error. Such an approach, however, suffers a loss compared to centralized strategies that select relays with the best channel gain to the destination. This paper closes the performance gap by adding another level of channel feedback to the decentralized relay selection problem. It is demonstrated that only one additional bit of feedback is necessary for good throughput performance. The performance impact of varying key parameters such as the number of relays and the channel feedback threshold is discussed. An accompanying bit error rate analysis demonstrates the importance of relay selection.

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