Asynchronous Batch Bayesian Optimisation with Improved Local Penalisation

Ahsan S. Alvi, Binxin Ru, Jan Calliess, Stephen J. Roberts, Michael A. Osborne

Batch Bayesian optimisation (BO) has been successfully applied to hyperparameter tuning using parallel computing, but it is wasteful of resources: workers that complete jobs ahead of others are left idle. We address this problem by developing an approach, Penalising Locally for Asynchronous Bayesian Optimisation on $k$ workers (PLAyBOOK), for asynchronous parallel BO. We demonstrate empirically the efficacy of PLAyBOOK and its variants on synthetic tasks and a real-world problem. We undertake a comparison between synchronous and asynchronous BO, and show that asynchronous BO often outperforms synchronous batch BO in both wall-clock time and number of function evaluations.

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