Time-Space tradeoff in deep learning models for crop classification on satellite multi-spectral image time series

Vivien Sainte Fare Garnot, Loic Landrieu, Sebastien Giordano, Nesrine Chehata

In this article, we investigate several structured deep learning models for crop type classification on multi-spectral time series. In particular, our aim is to assess the respective importance of spatial and temporal structures in such data. With this objective, we consider several designs of convolutional, recurrent, and hybrid neural networks, and assess their performance on a large dataset of freely available Sentinel-2 imagery. We find that the best-performing approaches are hybrid configurations for which most of the parameters (up to 90%) are allocated to modeling the temporal structure of the data. Our results thus constitute a set of guidelines for the design of bespoke deep learning models for crop type classification.

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